Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Zulynette in many different contexts.
It began as a fan; watching her own the room at open mic nights, scorching mic then passing it on to others that couldn’t replicate her impact. Later we became friends and it was soon made evident that she was the kind of person that challenges those around her to be better, to see better possibilities for ourselves.

Her passion is contagious; as an educator it’s been exciting watching my students learn from her. While Project Director of “Adventures In The City” CDF Freedom School, I invited Zulynette to teach our K-3 classes. In my new role at Thirman L. Milner School, she has worked with my middle school “College & Career Readiness” classes. She has even conducted Paint Nights with our Parent/Teachers Organization. These very different audience agree on one thing, they can’t wait until she returns.

Zulynette is necessary; by being herself she helps us unlearn a lot of misconceptions we’ve “known” about artists.
- That they are defined by struggle
- Unable to support themselves
- Aren’t fun to be around
- That only some can be creative

She is truth in a world that desperately needs it.

- Patrick "Rico" Williams, Writer/Author/Advocate/Educator

Your [poetry] workshop was so enlightening and enjoyable and I learned so much. I’ve been writing poetry every day since, and I wrote and performed a piece at CCY. Your encouragement and spirit means so much to me as a young artist, and I hope as I continue to create I can bring that same energy into the creative spaces I inhabit as well. Thank you so so so much!

- Alexandra Vergara, Student