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A Chicago native who was raised in Hartford, CT., Zulynette is an alchemist.

al·che·mist/ˈalkəməst/ - a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

As a creative change agent and owner of The Alchemy Door Studio in Hartford, she uses art and poetry as social work tools to inspire others to heal and empower themselves. After ten years in the non-profit research world, Zulynette made the bold leap to work as a full-time artist and poet in 2016. She combines her academic (Master’s in Social Work, University of Connecticut) and research background (Participatory Action Research) with her creativity to generate one-of-a-kind shows, workshops, and speeches to share with the world.

Whether performing, speaking to groups, facilitating workshops, or creating in front of audiences, Zulynette seamlessly delves into topics from poverty to feminism, self-esteem to Latinx identity, privilege to LGBTQ identity, family issues to politics. Passionate, grounded and powerful, she engages a variety of audiences and has a longstanding history of working with groups of all backgrounds and ages.

The first champion of the Hartford Iron Poets Annual Competition held at the International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College and 100 Women of Color honoree for her community work as an artist and performer, she has made a name for herself in the poetry circuit. Zulynette has worked in a wide-range of spaces including schools, libraries, colleges, non-profit organizations, organizational retreats, and after-school programs. Her aim is to spark minds, hearts, and conversations, encourage healing and a reclamation of power.