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Poetry Workshops

Using her professional and creative background, Zulynette facilitates poetry workshops that helps participants explore their identities, communicate their experiences, and own the power of their stories. Zulynette's workshops focus on: 

  • Transformation

  • Power

  • Performance

  • Public speaking

  • Personal narrative/storytelling

  • Identity/identities

  • Healing

  • And more



Performances/ Speaking Engagements

Zulynette's performances have blown audiences away time and again. Her poetry and performances cover a spectrum - from social commentary to self-analysis, from light-hearted, humorous topics to depth and darkness. Her showmanship, powerful voice, and ease of navigation through various subject matter keeps audiences of all ages engaged. Her poetry and performances have a way of connecting with diverse audiences and leaving a long-lasting impact. Zulynette has featured at James Madison University in Virginia, the University of Connecticut for their National Coming Out day, Trinity College for their Annual International Hip Hop Festival, as well as numerous schools, venues, and events in New England.  

Zulynette's poetry performances topics include: 

  • Latinx identity

  • Queer identity

  • Intersectional feminism

  • Transformation

  • Matters of the heart

  • Inner power

  • Human rights

  • And more


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Paint workshops

As a self taught artist, Zulynette's love for art is homegrown and organic. Whether she's providing step-by-step instructions in recreating an image or encouraging participants to paint what feels good, she inspires participants to get in touch with and trust their inner creative. Zulynette has hosted paint workshops at the University of Connecticut, True Colors Queer Academy, after-school programs, and for local organizations.  


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